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BR Mullen Mouth Sweet Iron Eggbutt Snaffle

  • Sweet Iron bits are known for the sweet taste of the mouth piece. Besides, the bits are anatomically shaped and available in many shapes and sizes.
  • This mullen mouth eggbutt snaffle is made of solid stainless steel rings and a mouthpiece of mild steel combined with a layer of sweet iron on the mouthpiece (blue).
  • The sweet iron stimulates the chewing process and saliva formation. When this material reacts with moisture, warmth and air in a process called oxidation, the surface rust tastes sweet. As a result, the horse will be more willing to accept the bit. The blue colour disappears eventually, but the taste of the surface rust remains.
  • The anatomical design of the bit follows the shape of the horse’s mouth, which allows for a gentle and even pressure distribution. The mullen mouthpiece provides stability and puts more pressure on the mouth than a single or double jointed loose ring snaffle. Mouthpiece thickness 14 mm, ring size 65 mm.
  • The eggbutt snaffle has fixed cheek pieces. Aids have a more direct effect and the bit allows less freedom of movement compared to the loose ring snaffle, making it better suited for horses that tend to play with the bit too much.