JHL French Link Full Cheek Snaffle

  • The full cheek eggbutt french link snaffle is useful for green horses as the full cheek prevents the bit being pulled through the horses mouth and helps tremendously with the steering aids.
  • Full cheek french link snaffles fit to the shape of the horses mouth more naturally than a single jointed bit which eliminates the nutcracker action. Full cheek bits aid steering by giving a more positive action against the cheek when the rider asks for a turn.
  • Full cheek snaffles should be used with fulmer loops which attach the top part of the bit to the cheekpieces of the bridle to prevent the bit from rotating or leaving the cheeks pointing out which could be dangerous. Fixing the cheek to the top part of the bit also causes a very small amount of poll pressure which helps to encourage a lower outline.
  • The centre plate in a french link eggbutt is shaped and lies flat on the horses tongue causing little to no pressure when in use. The double jointed mouthpiece eases pressure on the bars of the horses mouth and prevents palate pressure, making the french link one of the best bits for novice horses and riders. The french link is particularly good for horses with a large tongue and low palette as the bit is relatively unobtrusive in the horses mouth.
  • The full cheek eggbutt is a god cheek for novice riders or fussy mouthed horses as it limits the amount of movement passed to the horse down the rein.