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BR Double Jointed Loose Ring Snaffle

  • The Soft Contact bits are anatomically shaped. Besides, they have a luxurious look thanks to the golden mouthpieces and your horse might even like the taste of it! 
  • This double jointed loose ring snaffle is made of solid Cuprigan with stainless steel rings. Cuprigan is an alloy consisting of 89% copper, 7% aluminium, 3% iron and 1% zinc. The oxidation process of the material gives a pleasant smell and taste.
  • The anatomical design of the bit follows the shape of the horse’s mouth, which allows for a gentle and even pressure distribution.
  • The design, combined with the unique properties of Cuprigan, encourages the chewing process and saliva production, which allows for a pleasant connection with the sensitive horse’s mouth. The bit applies mild pressure on the mouth. Mouthpiece thickness 16 mm, ring size 65 mm.
  • A loose ring snaffle allows the mouthpiece to move freely relative to the rings.
  • This type of bit allows a lot of movement, making it one of the most easily accepted bits.
  • The double jointed bit consists of three parts. The middle section of the mouthpiece lies flat on the tongue, this causes more pressure on the tongue than a single jointed bit. The thicker the middle section, the more pressure it will create on the tongue.