BR / Rug

BR Neck Cover Classic Fleece

  • This separate neck cover is made of 300 g fleece and can be worn in combination with a fleece rug without neck cover, like the BR fleece rug Classic, article 396075.
  • The neck cover absorbs sweat and prevents the neck from cooling too quickly after workout. It is also a perfect way to provide the horse with additional warmth, for example during the cold winter months.
  • For this purpose, the neck cover can be used with a stable or turnout rug, even under a rug which has a neck cover of its own. In addition, the neck cover helps to keep the neck clean, for example before competitions or shows.
  • The neck cover has a perfect fit and stays securely in place thanks to its elasticated top and adjustable Velcro closure.
  • The neck cover can also be secured to the halter by means of a Velcro strap.
  • The neck cover has no front closures and needs to be slipped over the head. As a result, wind has no chance of sneaking in.