BR Tendon Boots Urban Comfort

  • Soft artificial fur lining reduces pressure on the horse's leg
  • Partially ventilated with mesh inserts to promote air circulation
  • Hard outer shell made of PU to optimally protect the horse's leg
  • This tendon boot offers optimal protection with the hard outer shell of PU to absorb blows.
  • The lining of wonderfully soft artificial fur ensures a good distribution of pressure and prevents pressure sores.
  • Product features:
  • The tendon boots Urban Comfort are partly equipped with mesh on the outside to promote the flow of air. Thanks to the handy, elastic quick-release fasteners, you can attach or remove the protectors around the leg in no time. Unlike with Velcro, you can always fasten the tendon boots to the same size. This way the protector is never too tight or too loose.