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TRM Chelated Copper Gel

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  • CHELATED COPPER SYRUP & CHELATED COPPER GEL are quality products which have been formulated to provide horses with an easily absorbed form of copper.
  • TRM's CHELATED COPPER products are the result of the bringing together of the trace mineral copper and amino acids. This process greatly enhances the absorption of the copper across the gut wall into the horse's body. Inorganic copper supplements (e.g. sulphates) cannot be absorbed as easily and part of the base element is lost via excretion.
  • Feeding Instructions:
    CHELATED COPPER SYRUP: Adult Horses: Feed 25ml per day. Foals & Yearlings: Feed 15ml per day.
    CHELATED COPPER GEL: Oral Supplement for Adult Horses: Place nozzle on back of horses tongue and dispense one full syringe every 7-14 days.
    Oral Supplement for Foals and Yearlings: Place nozzle on back of horses tongue and dispense half a syringe every 7-14 days.

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