Flex-On Safe-On Junior


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  • The Flex-On Safe-On Junior Safety Stirrups are the perfect choice for younger riders, combining comfort, performance and style, along with a unique flexible arm for increased safety.
  • This innovative design is manufactured with a single-piece steel core and coated with an organically sourced polyamid material. This structure is strong, durable and long-lasting. On the outer side of each stirrup is a flexible arm which is designed to release under pressure. When the arm releases, it can be easily reattached to the base of the stirrup with no tools required.
  • Flex-On Safe-On stirrups have been created and factory-tested to minimise the risk of the rider being dragged in the event of a fall. The release arm is activated when a force in excess of 20kg is applied; this can be caused either by direct pressure or by the kinetic energy of a fall. The varying nature of rider falls means that the arm is not guaranteed to release as a result of every fall, as not all falls will result in the required force being applied to the release arm.
  • This design also helps to prevent discomfort by minimising the pressure put on joints caused by the movement of your horse thanks to the built in elastomer springs. The treads rest on the elastomer springs, which paired with the ergonomically designed offset stirrup leather slots, provide a better connection to your horse and increased comfort.
  • Easy to clean (simply wipe with water!) and available in black and grey, the Flex-On Safe-On Junior Safety Stirrups are the ultimate choice for both everyday and competition use.