Mother Bee Soothe & Protect

  • Soothe & Protect. Ideal for all animals. It will soothe all itches or sores, it will heal the site of the problem and the unique effect of the bees wax protects the skin but leaves it breathable.
  • It’s been used on Horses for mud rash, sweet itch, rubs and all sorts of runs and cuts. 100% natural ingredients!
  • Bees Wax is a natural Antibacterial it draws moisture to the skin and seals it offering protection against moisture and dirt, but it is still breathable and will not irritate the skin, mixed with a blend of oils high in Vitamin A, B & E it’s ideal for soothing irritation & skin inflammation.
  • It includes all the properties of both Lavender, Tea Tree & Camphor which are well known for their properties