Paskacheval Foal Pack

  • PASKA'IMUFLOR: enriched with colostrum, vitamins and trace elements, this immunostimulating paste helps newborn foals to optimize their condition during the first weeks after their birth. The prebiotic TechnoMos® prevents digestive disorders by stabilizing a balanced and beneficial flora. 

  • PASKATONIC 912: brings trace chelates, amino acids and vitamins for the development of the foal.
  • PASKA’IMUFLOR: at birth, administer 40 ml to the foal and 40 ml again three hours later. Warm to body temperature before use.
  • PASKATONIC 912: then use 1 syringe of PASKATONIC 912 after 15 days, 1 month, 2 months and 3 months.