Paskacheval Imuflor

  • Enriched with colostrum, vitamins and trace elements, this immunostimulating paste helps newborn foals to optimize their condition during the first weeks after their birth. The prebiotic TechnoMos prevents digestive disorders by stabilizing a balanced and beneficial flora.

  • Foals: at birth, administer 40 ml to the foal and 40 ml again three hours later. Warm to body temperature before use. Very weak foals can receive a third dose of 40 ml after 6 to 12 hours. The additional use of Paskatonic 912 optimizes the supply of minerals and vitamins for young foals.
  • Adults: 40-80 ml spread over 4 days. Due to the increased content of trace elements related to complete feed, this complementary feeding stuff should only be applied up to 25 % of the daily ration.
  • Gel, 80 ml syringe.