Roeckl Kansas Gloves

  • Premium junior riding glove, with a fit, functionality, and looks specially designed to meet the needs and preferences of young riders
  • Comfortable thanks to elastic, silky soft, printed Lycra on the back of the hand, while hard-wearing Digital Suede on the palm provides a secure grip on the reins without compromising mobility and tactile sensitivity
  • A clever and stylish extra is the ROECKL logo with the little hand that appears on top of the thumb and acts as a visual aid to help kids keep their fist in an upright position at all times so they have correct control of the reins
  • The motto is: “If you see the ROECKL logo, your hand’s in the correct position”
  • Choose between the pink KANSAS with a fun horse cartoon on the back of the hand or the turquoise model featuring a cool horse motif
  • Easy-closure fastener that reliably secures the glove around the wrist
  • Machine-washable at 30 ° C