Roeckl Malta Glove

  • The MALTA WINTER is a true classic.
  • Eye-catcher: colour contrasting piping and the stylised hand logo on the characteristic fastener.
  • The material, fit and wear comfort are identical to that of the original ROECK-GRIP and tangibly so.
  • The exclusive ROECK-GRIP® material is extremely breathable, elastic and supple. In short: it fits like a second skin.
  • At the same time, it provides the excellent grip and tactility you need when handling the reins.
  • For this winter model, the ROECK-GRIP® was additionally laminated with a warm and soft Micro Bemberg lining.
  • The glove tailors from Munich also focused on the fit and processing quality: the glove’s individual components are meticulously sewn together by hand.
  • Maximum seam tolerances of just one millimetre are merely a tangible quality criterion, however, because comfort itself cannot be physically measured.
  • It’s the cuts and proportions that make all the difference.
  • This is where ROECKL benefits for 180 years of experience in the art of glove-making. 
  • Convenient: the MALTA WINTER is machine-washable at 30° Celsius (86° Fahrenheit)
  • The fastener with easy closure reliably secures the glove around your wrist.