Roeckl Wayne Glove

  • The delicately striped WAYNE bridges the gap between a sporty fashionable all-rounder and the perfect groom glove in a stylish and cool way.
  • The fall and winter glove is made from soft, highly elastic brushed Lycra material, which is napped on the inside.
  • This provides for a soft and snug fit, making the WAYNE extremely comfortable to wear.
  • What’s more, any moisture can be perfectly absorbed and escape to the outside.
  • Almost all of the palm surface features silicone trimming for a non-slip grip of the leash, reins and all other equestrian equipment. Reflective design elements highlight the dynamic look.
  • This handy do-it-all glove also boasts great value for money.
  • And since horse and barn work almost always involves high wear and tear as well as dirt, the WAYNE can be washed in the machine at 86 degrees Fahrenheit (30 ° Celsius).
  • ROECKL SPORTS explicitly does not recommend this model as a riding glove, but as a feel-good glove for walks with your horse or daily barn activities.