Smart Grooming Hoof Shine

  • Made from natural ingredients including Beeswax and Tea tree oil which are known for their anti bacterial, moisturising and conditioning properties.  This hoof preparation can be applied every day to improve hoof condition as well as maintaining existing healthy hooves.  
  • Hoof Shine is soft and very easy to apply and maintains the same consistency in all temperatures.  Apply directly to the underside of the hoof paying particular attention to the frog and cleft areas as well as applying on the hoof wall giving a high shine finish allowing the natural colour of the hoof to show through.
  • The Natural Hoof Shine, will enhance the colouring of all types of hooves allowing the hoof colour to really shine through.
  • The Black Hoof Shine, is the same consistency but with a deep black colouring to blacken hooves giving a super smart finish.