Tekna LeTek Stud Guard

  • This luxury, jumping saddle with belly guard is made of Quik-Clean™ material on the outside and soft leather on the inside.
  • This combination of materials creates a girth that is comfortable for the horse and aids in breathing.
  • The girth is also extra durable and maintenance-friendly.
  • The belly flap offers the horse optimal protection when jumping.
  • The soft lining and wide design distribute pressure well.
  • The anatomical shape of the girth gives the horse maximum freedom of movement.
  • The elastic inserts offer extra comfort and make tightening the girth easier.
  • They also hold the saddle in the correct position on the horse's back.
  • The girth features D-rings on both sides and at the middle to enable training aids or a breastplate to be attached.
  • The martingale or training aids can also be easily attached or detached from the carabiner at the middle of the girth.
  • The girth has stainless steel roller buckles, which makes girthing easier.